Casio Brigade C741 just passed the FCC, next stop Verizon?

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Casio Brigade C741 just passed the FCC, next stop Verizon?
We first heard of the Casio Rock C731 and Brigade C741 last month from one of our sources within Verizon. At that time, little was know about either device, except the Rock C731 would be the next replacement of the Boulder. Today the Brigade C741 has been posted the FCC site and says it comes with Bluetooth, MP3 player, and MediaFLO.  The first two are no big deal, but we're surprised to see MediaFLO listed, as most new handsets are leaving it out (such as the enV Touch). The only other device on the horizon to offer Verizon's MobileTV service will be the Samsung U450.

source: FCC



1. Striker13084

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2. sinfulta

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Like I said in the Chocolate VX8575 post a bit ago..... for phones coming for sure in next 6mos or less. Repost: Nokia Shade 2705 Nokia Twist 7705 Casio Rock C731 - Has a PTT chipset in it. Pantech/UTStarcomm Razzle Casio Brigade C741 - Has a PTT chipset in it. Motorola V860 - Has a PTT chipset in it. Motorola Sholes A855 Motorola Entice (aka Harmony W766) Uses the same chipset, so bet you it's just VZW's version. Samsung U440 Samsung (Un-named, android device. Not sure if it will make it by Christmas, but hey the chips are done!) BB (Curve/Aries) 8530 - Yes it has Wifi BB Storm 9550 - Yes it has Wifi Samsung Convoy U640 - Don't know much about this one but based on chipset, it's probably going to be a midrange phone. Palm Treo 800w. - Better late than never I supposed. Chipsets just got done for VZW so it looks like February-ish I'm guessing?

3. vnewton09

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So no word on the O2 coming out anytime soon? Do u think the android samsung phone is worth waiting on??

4. VZWProductTestr

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Hey Sinfulta, Way to try and take someone elses post and claim as your own.

5. kjack628

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Lol..Hey vzwproductTestr got any word about the diamond 2? I am deciding on the o2 and diamond 2 which one is better spec wise?

6. a_joy

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Looking for more info on the Casio Rock. Can you tell me anything about the camera, as far as resolution? I know there is limited info. thanks!

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