Are you in the path of Hurricane Dorian? Here's what the major carriers are doing for you

Are you in the path of Hurricane Dorian? Here's what the major carriers are doing for you
Hurricane Dorian is a powerful storm that will leave destruction in its wake. Floods, power outages, and destroyed structures are some of the things that we can expect the storm to cause. Lines of communication might be cut, although with any luck cellular networks will remain up and running. As usual in the case of a natural disaster, the four major carriers are offering those in the path of Dorian some breaks as far as their wireless service is concerned. In addition, the wireless providers are bringing their mobile cellular assets into affected areas in an attempt to keep cellular service up and running in the midst of the hurricane. Some of the equipment that the carriers are moving to the area include COWs (Cellular on wheels) and COLTs (Cellular on light trucks).

Yesterday, Verizon announced that its postpaid, prepaid and business customers in the path of the hurricane will receive unlimited calling, texting and data from Monday, September 2nd to September 9th. Verizon retail stores will remain open so that customers can charge their phones and receive assistance if needed.

Buy some extra power banks and have them fully charged before the storm hits

A tweet from AT&T on Friday said that the carrier will wave data overage charges in Florida between September 2nd and September 8th. Essentially, that will give all of its customers in the path of the storm unlimited talk, text and data. But the change in the storm's projected path led the carrier to publish a new blog post on Saturday. In that post, AT&T said that in addition to waiving data overage charges in Florida, it will also do so for its subscribers in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Sprint, in a blog post published on Friday before the change in the storm's projected path, said "to assist customers in Florida in the areas expected to be hit hardest by the storm, we will waive call, text and data overages for Sprint customers from September 2-8, 2019."
Meanwhile, T-Mobile's blog has a post written on Friday that points out that its customers on Magenta, T-Mobile One, or Simple Choice plans already have unlimited talk, text, and data. Prepaid customers using Metro by T-Mobile also have unlimited talk and text on all plans.

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To help you get through the storm you should go to a Walmart or Best Buy near you and buy some power banks. You might even find some 10000mAh banks available at Walmart for a decent price. Power them up fully before the storm hits and purchase some extra charging cables. Also, make sure that your phone supports Wireless Emergency Alerts and that notifications have been enabled on your device. Most of all, stay safe.

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