Capta is a multipurpose phone-neutral accessory that works as a tripod mount and a stand

Capta is a multipurpose phone-neutral accessory that works as a tripod mount and a stand
Now, here's probably the most exciting Kickstarter project we've ever seenCapta. What hides behind this name is a tiny little gadget that looks like the multipurpose wonder of accessories – a universal tripod mount, a stand and an accessory to attach your phone in your car and use it as a GPS.

Just as you would guess from the name, this device allows you to better capture pictures on your cell phone. What makes it unique, though, is that it's not limited just to the iPhone 4S or any other phone for that matter so unlike most other accessories that you'd have to throw away whenever a newer device arrives, Capta is different with its promise of longevity.

It's also easily pocketable and made out of stylish anodized aluminum which is also practical as its pretty resistant to scratches. The real magic however is in the proprietary mix of polyurethane materials that wondrously allow you to snap your handset to Capta. This opens a myriad of possibilities, but in order for you to be truly free to experiment, the designers from Urunique Design making Capta, have put the device through a series of tests among which:
  • proving that an iPhone can hang vertically on Capta for three days,
  • putting a phone through a “Ferris wheel” test (check out the video below),
  • trying to snap a number of phones from a BlackBerry to Androids to feature phones.

The end result? This looks amazingly durable and all it takes for it to remain usable is a rinse with water every once in a while. Pledge $25 or more and you'll get your very own Capta, but before that feel free to check out the videos below and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks, Adewale!

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