Canary smart detector coming to alert your phone that where there's smoke, there's fire

Canary smart detector coming to alert your phone that when there's smoke, there's fire
The smart home automation revolution is already upon us, if you are willing to deal with competing standards and ragtag gadgetry to control you home from afar (or from the couch), and another old school gadget is getting equipped for the challenge.

Your humble smoke detector has been on the ceiling for years, ready to prove the adage that where there's smoke, there's fire and start those impossible noises and sprinkling sprees we are used to see in action movies or romantic comedies.

Now the humble work horse is back to the drawing board to get reborn as the Canary smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The project's founder Mark Belinsky was miffed to find during Hurricane Sandy his grandmother having to heat her apartment with the gas stove, which can lead to all sorts of accidents in the building.

He therefore started thinking about making a "smart" smoke detector that can alarm your phone for smoke, carbon monoxide and even abnormal air pollution. Android and iOS apps are in the works, and Canary is still in prerelease form, allegedly heading to Kickstarter for a first round of funding as well. It is not clear at this point whether the Canary smart detector will be compatible with existing home automation standards like Zigbee, X10 and the like.

source: Canary via Gizmodo
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