CES 2014: schedule of events for January 6

CES 2014: schedule of events for January 6
Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is kicking off! And you know what that means – the newest gadgets and technologies will be on display at the event for the whole world to see. Plenty of mobile devices will be showcased as well, including smartphones, tablets, and everything in between. Now, the official start of CES is tomorrow, January 7, but a number of major announcements will be made a day earlier. Which is today, yay! Here's a list of the major events scheduled for January 6. Rest assured that we'll be following each of them closely, bringing you news as they happen. Stay tuned for our coverage from CES 2014!

LG Press Conference

Event begins at 8:00AM PT | 9:00AM MT | 10:00AM CT | 11:00AM ET | 4:00PM GMT | 5:00PM CET

We aren't exactly sure what LG has to show us today at its press conference, but we doubt that we'll get to meet a successor to the company's current flagship. After all, the LG G2 has been on the market for just a few months. However, rumor has it that a "mini" variant of the LG G2 is coming so we might see it announced today. Also, LG may finally confirm that the G Flex will bring its curvy selves to US shores via AT&T and Sprint. And who knows, some new mid-range offerings might make an appearance during the show as well. 

AT&T Developer Summit

Event begins at 9:00AM PT | 10:00AM MT | 11:00AM CT | 12:00PM ET | 5:00PM GMT | 6:00PM CET

Since this is an event for developers, chances are that it will bring no groundbreaking news. Yet who knows, the annual AT&T Hackathon might be fun to keep track of for those who code for a living.

Huawei Press Conference

Event begins at 10:00AM PT | 11:00AM MT | 12:00PM CT | 1:00PM ET | 6:00PM GMT | 7:00PM CET

The guys at Huawei have something exciting to show us at CES 2014, which is why they'll be hosting a dedicated event. Currently, we don't know what's going to be announced, but one of the products we're likely to see is the rumored Huawei Ascend Mate 2 – a new high-end phablet with a 6.1-inch screen. Some mid-range and low-end Android handsets might be unveiled as well. And if rumors are to be trusted, a Windows Phone 8 powered Huawei Ascend W3 may debut at the event.

Asus Press Event

Event begins at 12:00PM PT | 1:00PM MT | 2:00PM CT | 3:00PM ET | 8:00PM GMT | 9:00PM CET

We know that Asus is developing a new tablet, on which Android and Windows can happily coexist, and CES could be when we'll get to give it a try. And if that's not cool enough, Asus could also announce a new Padforne model at its CES 2014 event. Dubbed Asus Padfone X, the Android 4.4-powered device will brag with its top-notch hardware specs. The device is rumored to be destined for AT&T.

Samsung Press Conference

Event begins at 2:00PM PT | 3:00PM MT | 4:00PM CT | 5:00PM ET | 10:00PM GMT | 11:00PM CET

A Samsung Galaxy S5 is not coming today, but a new series of Galaxy Pro tablets are very likely to make their debut. In fact, their specs have already leaked along with a bunch of official-looking photos. A new Windows Phone 8 smartphone may also be present, if recent rumors are to be trusted. Also, we won't be surprised if the company updates us on the state of its Exynos system-on-chip solutions.

Sony Press Conference

Event begins at 5:00 PM PT | 6:00PM MT | 7:00PM CT | 8:00PM ET | 1:00AM GMT (next day) | 2:00AM CET (next day)

The model names for a number of upcoming Sony smartphones have already leaked. Therefore, it goes without saying that CES could see the announcement of at least some of them. These may include a 6-inch phablet with an octa-core SoC and the entry-level Sony Xperia E2. But the star of the show should be the Sony Xperia Z1S, which is expected to be a model closely related to the Xperia Z1 flagship.



6. camera531

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You forgot about Pebble

5. ArtSim98

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Hey I just realized PA listed European and international times too! That's great!

4. buccob

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Padfone X got my interest... And Sony's Z1s might be better overall than the Z1... I have been reading about many issues with bent frames and "self cracking" screens with it, so a smaller sized (Z1s) might performs better not just in software but also being tougher...

3. ArtSim98

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Sony will absolutely ROCK this year!

2. naveenstuns

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Waiting for Sony...

1. Teja171 unregistered

What about Xperia Z2 ?

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