Buy every app in Apple's App Store for only $673,000

Buy every app in Apple's App Store for only $673,000
So, your Grandma gave you a check for $673,000 for your birthday and you don't know what to do with it. Well, how about buying every app available in Apple's App Store? In the roughly 2 years and 50 days since the guys at Cupertino turned the lock and opened the door to the store, more than 250,000 applications have become available at an average cost of $2.90 per app. Metrics firm has computed that at its current rate of growth, the count will hit 500,000 apps by the end of next year. The store has averaged 323 new uploads a day while applications outnumber games by a ratio of 5.8 to one.

A unique way to measure the growth of the App Store is to take a look at the cost of buying one of each application listed. Including the 83,000 downloads that cost $1, the 5 that cost $1,000 each and the 74,000 free apps, it would take $673,000 to own one of everything in the store. Better start looking under the couch for that spare change.

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source: via PCMag
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