Build quality of Nexus 9 apparently refined, improved button action, back panel firmer


The Google Nexus 9 is an excellent Android powered tablet, but like some new products to hit the scene, there were a number of reports over concerns about how shallow the power/lock and volume buttons felt when pressed.

We also noted in our review that the tablet had a bit of a hollow feeling to its build quality, evident by bit of dimpling that could be felt on the back panel of the tablet.

It looks as those these issues were prevalent enough to have HTC dial-in its manufacturing and quality control measures a bit. A Google customer posted a photo on Reddit comparing the disposition of the power/lock and volume buttons on his old Nexus 9, and a replacement tablet he had sent to him. The new buttons are said to be much easier to press, and he cannot see any flexing on the back of the Nexus 9 at all.

The user said the screen quality on his replacement tablet is better too, though neither our review unit, nor another Nexus 9 in our possession, displayed any problems with light bleed this customer apparently had with his first device.

If any of these details were making you hold off on picking up a Nexus 9, it looks like the fresh supplies are improved a bit, and if you are in the US, and pick up a Nexus 9 before December 1st, you can get a $50 Google Play credit to sweeten the deal.

sources: Reddit via GSMArena and Android Police

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