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Bluetooth usage declines in U.S.

Bluetooth usage declines in U.S.
As hard to believe as it sounds, the number of U.S. Bluetooth owners that are everyday users of their headsets is declining rapidly. Last year, Strategy Analytics found that 43% of those using the wireless devices had their ear covered each and every day. That figure has declined to 26% in 2009. Did cellphone users suddenly wake up to the way the device looked on them? "The style and design of the Bluetooth headset remains a pain point for consumers," said Chris Schreiner, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics. "The number of Bluetooth headset owners that are satisfied with the style of their device dropped 27% since 2008." Some of the reason for the less frequent usage might also be related to the higher quality hands-free kits for cars that are now being sold.

And let's face it, many of today's newer cell models have so many different functions that require the user to glance at the screen. Web browsing, watching YouTube, streaming videos-these all take advantage of the amazing looking screens being produced today. And while you wouldn't want to look at the display while driving, you certainly might find yourself walking on the street or in the mall looking at your handset's display instead of just listening to audio via a Bluetooth headset.

source: StrategyAnalytics via EngadgetMobile
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