Bluenote is a new, dead simple notes and to-do list app with widgets and calendar view

There can never be a shortage of good to-do list, notes and calendar apps out there, as each one is strong in areas other are lacking, and a new Bluenote app aims to keep it simple and minimalistic for those who prefer it that way. 

Don't be fooled, though, as the notepad app is still pretty powerful in terms of organizational skills.

With Bluenote you can add notes, to-do lists, jot down ideas and set reminders very quickly, and tag them to escape the inevitable chaos, keeping at a homescreen away at all times with the provided scrollable widget. 

You can sort and search, enable night mode, sync with Dropbox, or export the notes back and forth to the extra phone storage. A markdown preview is provided, and you can set reminders from within the note field while you are typing it, extremely simple to do.

There is the inevitable paid Pro version of Bluenote, which introduces a handy Calendar view, and the above-mentioned night view mode, as well as keeps it all ad-free. Check it out if you are interested.

Developer: Abhinav SinghDownload: Android
Category: ProductivityPrice: Free, with a paid premium version ($1.91)

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