BlackBerry Thunder gets pictured

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BlackBerry Thunder gets pictured
We first heard about the Thunder a month back, but today we get a face to go with the name. BGR has again gotten their hands on an exclusive picture of the device, and it's not too far off from their original mock-up. Physically the device is laid out pretty similar to current BlackBerries, minus the keyboard of course! It looks like there will be a left and right multi-function key, there will be the familiar four key cluster at the bottom- sans trackball this time- and the only difference is that there will be music controls at the top right corner, opposite the traditional device lock button placement. No new specs were given for the hybrid CDMA/GSM device, but it just got way more real. Verizon users, get excited!

source: BGR



1. mclifford81 unregistered

This is what its all about, first Alltel is bought out and now this, but wonder how it will hold up against the dare? Guess we will have to wait on the specs..

11. unregistered

the dare is a phone, this blackberry is smartphone. just because two phones are touchscreen, it doesn't make them competition..

58. unregistered

the blackberry is a hybrid so you could compare many of its features to to Dare.

62. unregistered

actually Nokia makes several phones (N series) that are much better in terms of camera, internet speed, battery life, functionality, memory, etc. than both iphone and blackberry. The problem is I can't find a service provider who will carry such high end Nokia phones in USA to offset the cost of the phone itself.

2. matrix2004 unregistered

This will give Steve Jobs sleepless nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, i'm still waiting to hear if RIM will be using thier 'multi-touch' UI that they were working on. I'm guessing that its ready, which is why they made this touchscreen Blackberry. AWESOME.

17. unregistered

Guess this will have to do until Verizon gets the iPhone (about 4 more years?)...hopefully Verizon won't drop the ball this time.

18. unregistered

Verizon Wireless will never offer the iPhone. Verizon was offered it first and turned it down. The primary reasons were that the phone could not support high speed data transfer, which was foolish. And Apple's strict marketing requires all maintence to be completed in an Apple store instead of what would have been VZW stores. And too, Apple wanted too much of profit from each phone. Those are reasons why VZW's financial stability is much much higher than everyone else.

25. unregistered

Think about it right after i phone launched verizon came out with the specs for any manufacturer to make handsets for them as long as it meets certain specs and tests. so when the exclusivity is over with att i can guess what apple will do.

26. DamonO unregistered

Why would Verizon want the POS iPhone? It's the first super popular "all touch" phone, yes. But the iPhone will not reign as the superior all touch screen phone. It's not even superior now.

27. Nice Try unregistered

Sorry but the open device offer doesn't include GSM handsets. Unless a CDMA variant launches, don't expect to see an i-phone on big red's network any time soon.

29. unregistered

i know it doesn’t include gsm i said in my first comment once the exclusivity is done. and at that point then apple will be able to develop one for cdma and with Verizon coming out with open device that gives them a road map to develop one and bypass helping i phone customers in the vzw stores sense it will be directly through apple

40. unregistered

yo, you stupid. have you looked at the new iPhone 3G updates??? it is like there is no update. all they really did was put 3G and GPS into the iphone and get more apps. that is all...

41. unregistered

What is the most "superior all touch screen phone" right now if it isn't the iPhone?

46. unregistered

that was the best thing i ever heard anyone say. *copy* im putting this on facebook

48. unregistered

As a business device? Perhaps the HTC Touch Diamond.

49. unregistered

um... the touch diamond isnt going to come to the US for a while... i think they said till the end of the year...??? and wouldnt you want a blackberry for a business device over the HTC Touch Diamond? i mean, really??? RIM BlackBerry controls over 50% of the smartphone market... and that is for a reason...

57. unregistered

Why are you talking about the upgrades to the iPhone? Who cares? Next time you comment, write something informative and part of the discussion, dumb@$$.

3. unregistered

dayum!!!! AT&T wha? Tmobile wha? Sprint wha?

4. unregistered

Verizon is just AMAZING now! I think I'd rather the Dare than this, though, because of my needs.

16. unregistered

your needs are... nothing? cause there nothing this bb can't do that the dare will be able to do.. PROBABLY

22. unregistered

hmmm....i KNOW the DARE has SPEECH TO TEXT, the BB probbaly wont

30. unregistered

someones a little cranky...

50. unregistered

hahahah!!! r u kidding me? you cant compare the LG Dare and the RIM BlackBerry Thunder. Those two are totally out of the same class!!! one is for power business-users and the other is for just regular people. 2) the LG Dare looks like shit! and no one really knows what the BlackBerry Thunder will look like, but it will probably be so much better. 3) if you want a regular phone, i suggest you wait for the LG 9700 or something like that. it is coming out in the 3rd quarter this year, and it is almost the same as the LG Prada (with a few tweaks)...

56. unregistered

Dude, the VX 9700 and the Dare are the same phone. Pay attention.

5. T-Money3000 unregistered

I wonder if this will be a global phone too or not.

6. unregistered

This is a Global Phone. CDMA/GSM both Verizon and Vodaphone is getting this phone and it's the same phone, same specs.

7. unregistered

i'm interested in 2 things.... a release date, and a look at the UI :)

8. FRESH unregistered

Finally an iPhone killerfor us verizonites!

15. unregistered

There is no iphone killer there will never be a iphone killer. The iphone is the best!!!

19. unregistered

Iphone is cool but the service sucks so whats the point of having a phone with no service and dropped calls?? And by the way, Iphone has no MMS...nuf said

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