Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder to launch in Q3?

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Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder to launch in Q3?
If this is real, the Bold is not the biggest announcement of RIM for the year. The first information on the BlackBerry Thunder was reported by BGR, revealing the first all-touch phone of the manufacturer. This is one of its codenames and others refer to it as the BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry 9500. As it can be seen from the illustrated picture (not real), on its front it has a huge display and only four keys: send, end, BlackBerry menu and back.

According to the source, Thunder will be a CDMA/EVDO and GSM/HSDPA hybrid that can be used all over the world. It will be exclusively available with Verizon (in the U.S.) and Vodafone (in the rest of the world). However, if they cannot meet a specific sales quota, BlackBerry may dissolve the exclusivity and bring the phone to other carriers also. A 4G (LTE) support is also mentioned, but we don't really expect to see one in a device, rumored to launch in Q3 this year.

source: BGR



1. unregistered

I would love to see this one come out with AT&T, Verizon wouldnt know what to do with it, AT&T has all the blackberrys anyway

2. jlt8604 unregistered

you may want to check your info there.

3. unregistered

AT&T will have the 3g iphone

5. unregistered

why don't you ask AT&T how long it will take to make it's coverage area 3G.

9. unregistered

Apparently, anonymous poster #1 doesn't know %$@# about cell phones and wireless carriers. That last comment is the most preposterous, off the wall comment I've ever read.

23. unregistered

seeing as verizon is the fastest data network im pretty sure theyll know what to do with it

31. unregistered

Good luck with that!

38. DarkPhiber unregistered

Verizon has the fastest network? Hardly! If you would like proof, look at Helio; they lease voice from Verizon and data from SPRINT. On another note; LTE is not even finalized yet. People cannot agree on the complete definition of it's standard. On the bright side, Sprint and Clearwire have formed a merger of it's Wi-Max licenses and will crush competition due to having a true 4G network. Dan Hesse seems to be righting the sinking ship. A friend of mine who works for AT&T said that people in that firm became worried when Hesse took the reigns of Sprint; he wants to DIFFERENTIATE. Why be in business if you are going to be like everyone else; LEAD!

39. unregistered

worried. i guess you didn't read yesterdays article on bloomberg, "Sprint May Sell Assets as Loss Grows, Customers Leave". really something to worry about.

40. unregistered

um yeah helio leases everything through sprint amp'd did everything through verizon. and vzw and sprint use the same tech for their 3g networks so go figure. it's the same speed. sprint is sinking and fast if you just look at their churn rate and earnings statements anyone can see that. I hope Hesse is as good as you think he is we need some friends in the cdma world

42. elgee02 unregistered

AT&T has all the BBerrys? Well I got a news flash for you, VZW sells more BBerrys than any other carrier in the US and that is FACT. Better do some research before you make yourself to be a dumbass on the internet.

62. unregistered

although you sound verry knowlegdeable (pardon my spelling) I dont think you grasping the concept, Qwest dropped Sprint, Sprint drops customers, sprint is feeding off Verizon. Sprint isnt doing anything, they CANT AFFORD to do ANYTHING. All I have to say is network tests prove whos the best...makes you wonder why ATT motto "fewest dropped calls" isnt around anymore...

66. smknv8s unregistered

AT&T does normally get first crack at BB's. If you look into it though it's because they only test devices for 30 days before the launch. VZW test for 120 days, If there is a problem they will start over. Also, VZW picks up the BB's with more to offer ( more memory, video capture ect.) that would be why #44 elgee02 makes a good point.

69. unregistered

The proof is in the puding: All reports prove that although ATT may have more customers, VZW is still leading in KPI ! and profitability!!

73. Verizon fan unregistered

Att is garbage. They had to buy out cingular just to grow thier coverage and customers. Thats a nice 1 up.

74. jherz6

Posts: 217; Member since: May 23, 2008

Where would you suggest people look?

78. jherz6

Posts: 217; Member since: May 23, 2008

Why would Rim want to give a loser company like AT&T (Cingular) a exclusive like that. They wouldnt.

79. jherz6

Posts: 217; Member since: May 23, 2008

Well say what you want about Verizon, there the only company that has had to merge with someone else to stay afloat. Verizon has been 3g for a long time and now there going to lte or 4g. If Verizon is so bad why are all the carriers trying to copy them? anser me that? Verizon LEADS Sprint, AT&T and all the rest seems to be the ones following.

88. unregistered

Verizon's network may not be faster than fact...they have the same speeds approx 600kbs to 1.4 mbs but it has 3x the coverage. Helio probably signed up with Sprint before Verizon bumped up to Rev A but Sprint will never be real competition for Verizon Wireless!

4. unregistered

at&t has all the blackberry's? lol, so does VZW, get your facts straight. It's one thing to like your carrier, its another to love it to point that you have to make false statements to feel better about your choices in life.

85. unregistered

??? Are we talking gross sales of blackberrys' or types of blackberrys'. Either way that made no sense

6. unregistered

Att has more Blackberry's on its network than any other company.. Why would it go to Verizon first???

10. unregistered

Because AT&T's coverage is about as good as the Minnesota Viking's secondary last year.

56. F U unregistered

Nice #10, and i agree. At&t is sh**, their coverage is horrible, and if u ever wanted the iphone, u have to get specific plans, internet is more, and if there are ever any defects to the phone u have to go to an apple store. Wow they sure no how to handle their customers.

67. smknv8s unregistered

Why VZW? * Because I can insure my phone on VZW. - AT&T is thinking about doing it but at this point any PDA/Smartphone is not covered. iPhone with apple care only. *Because VZW doesn't get bought, sold, merged every two years. *VZW doesn't need a phone to define itself, iPhone. (Funny how Jobs went to VZW first on that one before AT&T)

7. unregistered

No slide/flip out QWERTY? I doubt it will be a big seller at VZW for that reason alone. All their big sellers right now have them. How is the Touch selling right now? I bet they sell more BB Bold than this one...guess we will see.

8. unregistered

bold is for at&T and is not available yet

12. unregistered

At&t gets it first but will be released to all carriers just like the Curve.

68. smknv8s unregistered

Touch is not the biggest seller. Honestly, BB is the better seller. VZW will have this as a big seller becuase of it's exclusivity

84. vzwtech unregistered

i personally wish it would goto vzw id love to get one but it will goto a gsm 1)This phone will not goto vzw, RIM always manufactures phones for GSM first, because thats what the majority of people are using. if released to vzw it would be the first ever blackberry to goto cdma first. Rim is all about making money ( what company isnt ) and why would you release a phone everybody is going to try get there hands on to a cdma first? 2) as far as VZW LTE is still on paper its not even finallized, nor being tested anywhere 4g will roll out on vzw no earlier then 2011. so be ready when it finally does. however sprints wimax 4g is supposed to launch this year and if it does i may just have to start paying a phone bill agian

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