BlackBerry Storm 3 to be powered by QNX OS?

BlackBerry Storm 3 to be powered by QNX OS?
Yesterday, we reported to you all the new twists and turns of the BlackBerry Storm 3 soap opera. That's because the BlackBerry brand's future is not looking particularly bright at the moment – Android is getting more and more momentum, Apple continues to earn quite a few dollars every quarter and two "newcomers" (by the names of Palm and Microsoft) are trying to claim a stake for themselves in the OS market.

RIM is obviously aware that the wind is not blowing in its direction and it seems that the Canadian company is trying to put the things right. According to a rumour, the future BlackBerry OS7 is going to be based on QNX – the OS that will run the PlayBook show – and the first handset to taste the QNX magic is set to be the BB Storm 3, thought to be codenamed "Monaco".

Nearly two weeks ago, we told you what are the suspected specs of the BlackBerry Monaco. In short, it's expected to pack 3.7'' AMOLED screen, 512MB or 1GB RAM and 1GB ROM. It will (most probably) also have a 5MP/8MP camera thought to be dual-LED flash and the BB Storm 3 will provide 8 hours of 3G talk thanks to its 1200mAh battery.

As for QNX OS, the information is too scarce and it's far too early for anyone to have a definite say on the new operating system. What's known, though, is that it will support true multitasking on multicore hardware, while delivering high-performance. As it can be expected from a RIM product, it's set to be an extremely secure OS.

Well, it is just a rumour, but for RIM's sake, we really hope this is true, because the Canadian manufacturer is losing ground rapidly and if it doesn't turn the corner soon, it may very well be too late.

source: GizmoFusion

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