BlackBerry PlayBook software update carries mostly security and performance enhancements

BlackBerry PlayBook software update carries mostly security and performance enhancements
Naturally, the anticipation is beginning to rise tremendously as we head into the busy fall season, but for those owning RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, they’re undeniably waiting for that big update – the one that brings forth a native email client and Android apps support.

Instead, the latest software update for the QNX inspired tablet is nothing more than your usual one filled with security and performance enhancements. Additionally, RIM also managed to include a new version of Adobe Flash Player as well. Inching its way up, the software update brings the OS version to 1.07.3312, and carries a paltry 29MB file size.

As the usual process goes, you can initiate the download process manually if you haven’t been notified, which can be achieved by getting into the Software Updates section under the Settings menu of the tablet. Still, it begs the question on how much longer will PlayBook users be able to endure the wait?

source: RIM via Mobileburn

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1. cheetah2k

Posts: 2271; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

I can't believe theres no 3G/4G variant of this out yet... RIM = Failz

6. mikelizard unregistered

No one really comment here.... It sems no one interested in RIM anymore... the death of RIM is near.... RIM better stop any hardware development now, and focus becoming a software company (BBM company)

8. mikelizardisadamnretard unregistered

Mike Lizard. You are a damn retard. It sems that u no interested in RIM anymore... the death of YOU is near.... You better stop any commenting about cell phone now, and focus becoming a productive member of society (insert a comment about you being a douchebag here)

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