BlackBerry Pearl Flip announced for T-Mobile

BlackBerry Pearl Flip announced for T-Mobile
RIM officially announced the first BlackBerry that isn’t a candybar, the clamshell Pearl Flip 8220. When it is closed, it has a small color display that can be used to preview incoming email, messages or calls. On the inside are the main QVGA display and a SureType QWERTY keyboard, similar to the original Pearl.
The new phone is a quad-band GSM (2G only) and will be available starting this fall. In the States, T-Mobile will offer it exclusively, but timing or pricing is not yet announced. The Pearl Flip 8220 supports Wi-Fi and UMA, to take advantage of the “Unlimited HotSpot Calling” service that the carrier offers. Other features include a 2-megapixel camera, microSDHC slot for memory, stereo Bluetooth and HTML browser.

source: RIM



1. anónimo unregistered

when I grow up I wanna be a RIM phone.

2. RyanKing unregistered

I am... really impressed with T-Mobile. Being able to track some of the most wanted phones and being able to get and offer them first. This is just another device that they can add to their 'exclusives' and lately thats all they have been announcing. Well done.

3. unregistered

which is better, Tmobile or Verizon. because i live in SC and we just got tmobile available in sc last week. THey dont have much coverage here unlke verizon

4. dabax2324

Posts: 4; Member since: Jun 01, 2008

thats the problem with t mobil in most places is coverage

5. Jc unregistered

WTF?!... 2G only?!... come on Tmobile get with it already!

7. big hov unregistered

it's not tmobile its rim.... they are the ones that are still only making 2.5g phones

6. unregistered

In Canada, Rogers already has this... I hate Canada and it's people.

8. unregistered

Its both. T-mobile's semi-3G and the manufacturer.

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