BlackBerry Kickstart gets detailed

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BlackBerry Kickstart gets detailed
We've seen it, seen it in more detail and seen how it works, but now we know just what it brings to the table. UK online retailer Expansys has put product pages up for the Kickstart (Pearl?) 8210 and 8220. As always, the 10 indicates the device has GPS and the 20 indicates Wi-Fi. It looks like they will come in red and black initially, but knowing RIM we'll have a full rainbow of colors when all is said and done.

The details are:
Dimensions: - 101.6x 50.8 x 17.18 mm
Weight: 101.2g
Battery: - Capacity: 900mAh
Display: - 240 x 320 pixels/2.6 inch (Main) - Secondary 160 x 128 pixels (Secondary)
Network: - GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 (Quad-Band)
Camera: - 2 mega-pixels (auto-focus) - 5 x Digital Zoom - LED Flash
Video: - Video Recording - Supported formats: MP4, 3GPP, H.264 & DivX
Music: - Supported formats: MP3, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA
Ringtones: - Monophonic - Polyphonic - MP3 - AAC
Messaging: - SMS - MMS (with video) - E-mail (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, MS Exchange, BlackBerry) - Instant Messaging (Yahoo! & Google Talk)
Memory: - Phone Book (unlimited) - Dialled Calls - Missed Calls - Received Calls - 75MB (internal) - microSDHC (external)
Call Features: - Hands Free - Caller ID - Voice Dialling - Push to Talk (PTT)
Connectivity: - microUSB - 3.5mm Audio Connector - Bluetooth (2.0) - Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g) - GPRS Class 32 (For 8220 only)
Connectivity: - microUSB - 3.5mm Audio Connector - Bluetooth (2.0) - GPRS Class 32 (For 8210 only)
Navigation: - AGPS - BlackBerry Maps (For 8210 only)
Features: - Office Document Viewer (Word, Excel) - PDF Document Viewer - Texas Hold'em, Klondik & Sudoki Games

source: Expansys (and here) via Engadget Mobile



1. darthmanx unregistered

look great i hope AT&T get this one

2. chup12682 unregistered

Wow, this seems kind of interesting as the existing line up of blackberry devices are pretty bulky in your pocket... well, except for the Pearl. I think this could open up the market for RIM as some people might find this sleek AND utilitarian!

3. unregistered

pretty cool design, hopefully verizon gets it

15. unregistered

it probably will, in 3 years

19. unregistered

ha ya, seriously

4. unregistered

wow im like the super phone geek and this one is actually pretty cool, id trade my dare for this one any day

5. unregistered

if you would trade your dare for a suretype blackberry, then obviously you dont know which kind of device you need. blackberrys and dumbphones are 2 seperate categorys of phones with 2 seperate uses. hate to be mean, but thats a silly statement.

11. unregistered

the dare has a html browser and some people just want to surf the web with it. I sell both phones everyday and its clear you dont so im gonna go ahead and call you an idiot. Not every customer purchases a smart phone because they need it for business uses. So people just want a fun "toy". What would you classify the pearl as? It clearly isnt designed for the one the go business professional. Ever try to compose full length email on one of those?

6. unregistered

it will probibly be released to tmobile first, then att, then after 6 months the cdma netowrks

13. unregistered

thats so selfish you nkow

16. unregistered

yea, but its the truth. Tmo has always come with the blackberry's first until recently when they started putting attention toward consumer based equipment. For the most part, im seeing Tmo getting it first

7. unregistered

same here. i can't wait for this phone to come out for verizon. i was thinking about getting the samsung alias, but this flip phone seems much better. how long do u guys think we will have to wait for rim to make a cdma version of the bb kickstart ? hopefully by the end of this year. (keeping my fingers crossed)

8. unregistered

Oh cellphone manufactures why must you create every device with a optional red/burgundy/wine/blood color scheme?

9. unregistered

i hope this is a t-mobile exclusive

14. unregistered

thats incredably selfish

17. unregistered

Why would RIM limit its product to only one carrier? That's pretty stupid you know.

20. unregistered

they did it with the iphone and some other phones so why not

10. unregistered

ANy word on if Verizon will be getting a CDMA version.... this phone is kick *^%^

12. unregistered

it says "sencondry" in the article when it should say 'secondary' i like the phone, a little too thick though

18. unregistered

Just Wrong! If RIM wanted to create a clamshell version of their devices they shoud've re-design the entire product a bit better. Because right now the location of the keys plus the layout of the keys looks a bit off to me. Good try thought RIM.

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