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BlackBerry 5810 & Voicestream

Introduction and Design

» Introduction


RIM introduces Java-based Blackberry handheld With Integrated Phone for GSM/GPRS Networks in North America
BlackBerry™ is already the leading corporate solution for secure wireless email. Now, with the BlackBerry 5810™ handheld, you can make and receive phone calls too. It includes an integrated phone along with a thumb-operated trackwheel, easy-to-read screen, backlit keyboard, intuitive menu-driven interface and quick access to email, phone, SMS, organizer and web applications. Operating on advanced GSM/GPRS networks, the BlackBerry 5810 is the integrated handheld that lets you manage all of your business communications and information.
VoiceStream takes corporate mobile connectivity to a new level by offering the BlackBerry™ wireless e-mail solution with integrated phone.
The BlackBerry 5810™ from VoiceStream combines the best nationwide wireless voice service with a secure wireless e-mail and calendar solution in a single, fully integrated, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy handheld.
VoiceStream offers you the power of the BlackBerry and then turbo-charges it with iStream - the fastest nationwide wireless data network in 6,500 cities across the country. iStream gives you immediate access to information relevant to you and your business at speeds up to 56kbps.

» Design

The BlackBerry 5810 offers “Always On, Always Connected” operation with integrated voice and data features. Based on RIM's existing palm-sized form factor, the BlackBerry 5810 is sleek (4.6” x 3.1” x 0.7”) and lightweight (4.7 oz) with an embedded RIM wireless modem and internal high performance antenna allowing users to carry and use the handheld comfortably. It features RIM's popular “thumb-typing” keyboard, navigation trackwheel, large screen, intuitive interface and a headset jack for optional phone services. Both the screen and keyboard are backlit for easy reading and typing day and night.

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