Bill that would require cancer warning labels on cell phones gets rejected in Maine

Bill that would require cancer warning labels on cell phones gets rejected in Maine
The state of Maine has been the battleground for a new bill that proposes to require cancer warning labels on cell phones – the event has actually been playing out as far as December of last year when it first made headlines. Even though there are researchers out there still trying to prove the relationship between cell phone usage and developing cancer, Maine's House of Representatives rejected a watered down version of the bill. Initially, the hope was to get those warning labels about how electromagnetic radiation from devices can cause brain cancer (especially in children). In the end, the bill ultimately was reduced down to direct state health officials to provide links on web sites to current federal  advisories for cell phones – the bill was mainly scaled back from the the original partly because the industry and Gov. John Baldacci were opposed to it. Despite the loss in the House of Representatives, the bill's outlook in the Senate is looking pretty pale right now; especially after the recent rejection.

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1. tiolawa

Posts: 115; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

FLMAO!!!! There is such little evidence that cellphone radiation causes cancer it isn't funny.

6. jolowest unregistered

Please........ my brother and brother in law (no blood ties - both 50 when BOTH diagnosed with Grade IV Brain Cancer in 4/08 and 9/08 respectively), were both highly successful people and were among the first ones to get the new small cell phones. They used them at least one hour a day for over 10 years. Brother in law passed away in February '10 and brother is on clinical trial and doing well but not expected to live without additional brain surgeries and deficits from them. Let's quit fooling ourselves that there is not some kind of a tie or trigger between using cellphones (to the ear NOT bluetooth or texting where the receiver (antenna) is away from the head). We are inundated with so much EMF waves from all sides. The question to ask - - - is why wouldn't this cause cancer. Lori

2. jd829

Posts: 155; Member since: Feb 24, 2010

Nowadays what doesn't give you cancer, huh?

3. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

Has there been even one case of somebody developing cancer from cell phones? I fail to see why we would have to make cell phone boxes look like ciggarette boxes.

4. pa_v unregistered

Rumor alone is enough cause for concern. What IF cell phones really do cause cancer? Will you all be laughing then? They were telling the public that cigarettes are good for you in the 1950's, and now we all know how "healthy" they really are...

5. alviswalter

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 13, 2010

Yeah excess use of cell phone is cause of's radiation direct effected your brain.

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