Best-selling handset award stripped away from the RAZR

Best-selling handset award stripped away from the RAZR
We never thought we would see the day. According to a report released by NPD, Apple's iPhone 3G has replaced the ever-popular RAZR and its many variants as the highest selling consumer device. For the first time, the typical 'phone' form factor has been sidelined for a data-centric device, showing a dramatic shift in the way that individuals use their phones. Thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign by Apple, the company rose to defeat RIM as the number two smartphone vendor, and has formally passed Motorola for the number one spot in consumer sales, even as overall consumer mobile phone purchases declined by 15 percent year-over-year. The most popular brand remains to be LG, however with (what seems to be) the current shift to the iPhone, we wouldn't be too surprised to see that change to Apple at some point.

The other popular devices include the V3, the Curve and a couple of LG phones with QWERTY keyboards.

"The top handset models in rank order, based on unit sales in Q3, were as follows:

1. Apple iPhone 3G
2. Motorola RAZR V3 (all models)
3. RIM Blackberry Curve (all models)
4. LG Rumor
5. LG enV2"

source: EngadgetMobile



1. first!!!! unregistered

the g1 will be on that list...the iphone is WAY to over-rated!!!!

2. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

i do like tmobile and the g1, but highly doubt it will surpass the razr or iphone 3g.

3. unregistered

This article is complete BS the only way apple could have surpassed either the BB or Razr is if they were offered on multi level carriers. The razr is and has been offered for three years. There is no way fucking possible that apple has sold more I phone 3gs Were do you people ger your information. Motorolas numbers as of last spring showed them selling roughly 85 million of just that one phone. There are not 85 million razrs this website is bullshit

10. unregistered

This doesn't say "highest seller of all time". It's based on 3Q numbers, so they are not saying Apple has sold more iphones than Moto has sold Razrs total.

17. unregistered

if you want to complain, go complain to engadget.

4. unregistered

based on q3 ???? the razr was pretty much discontinued in q 4 this website is bunk

5. mjay9090 unregistered

Well if what everyone is saying is true then this website really is s***ing up to apple!!!!

11. unregistered

Learn to read people! This info comes from NPD, a marketing research firm. It's being reported on a ton of different sites including Engadget and Phonescoop. I hate the iphone too, but come on!

6. unregistered

its one quarter... notable but not anything great... It doesnt come close to the total units sold of old razor.

7. Jyakotu unregistered

It's only because the iPhone made touch screen cell phones popular. Now you have touch screen phones popping up everywhere for all the major carriers.

8. unregistered

umm never will the g1 get on top. Why is the razr still the in the best selling phones? only like 2 out of everyone i know has one my dad he hates it and my friend?

9. unregistered

The blackberry storm will also probobly be on here when it comes out, it might if its priced right.

15. unregistered

highly unlinkely since only vzw will have it here in the states... as big as big red is, they are not a global entity... yes, other overseas providers will sell the bb storm/thunder/lightning/tropical storm henry... even though i hate the iphone, they have a broader range of users than the blackberry...

12. unregistered

why are you people shocked that the iphone is #1 especially since its a 500 times better phone than shitty razrs and apple has too many desciples

18. unregistered

hahah you're such a douche. apple doenst introduce anything new, its just a crappy gizmo just like their ipods. the product was designed for quantity over quality. the shItphone sucks compared to a razr. i know this because i owned a shItphone and a V3xx which the V3xx owns the shItphone inh some many ways. obviously you never owned a V3xx so you're one dumbass to jump to conclusions. apple is only good for making mac desktops and macbooks other than that they aren't good at anything else.

13. unregistered

wow this site sucks...

14. unregistered

the church of mac lol give me a break disciples lol

16. unregistered

razr was an evolution of thin and slim phones, thats why it was sold alot iphone is an evolution of awesome touch screen system, ipod and real web pages phone G1 is also pretty good and andriod is a good OS.HTC G1 might not come in the list but one day andriod based phone will

19. unregistered

Its to bad RAZRs suck. I really never like them

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