These are the best Galaxy Note 9 official cases and charging accessories

Check out the pricing of Note 8's best official cases and accessories
Samsung's own Galaxy Note 9 cases and various accessories like the new Duo wireless charger are already officially priced and ready to order if you want to slip that $1000 puppy in a case the second that the phone hits your front porch. Moreover, the official silicone cases are some of the thinnest and lightest you can find out there, mimicking the official color of whatever Note 9 hue you'd pick from the shelf to the letter.

The official Clear View Standing Case, Silicone Cover Case, LED View Cover Case and Protective Stand Cover Case are available in colors like blue, white, lavender, brown, black and red, covering all the Note 9 body colors, and then some. The prices range from about $30 for the Clear Case to $59 for the LED View, in line with the genuine Samsung accessory pricing for the Note 8 or the Galaxy S9. There will be a tough stand protective case, as well as a clear silicone one that we found to be one of the best wrappers you can find for your Samsung flagship, fitting perfectly. 

As always, Samsung has put a special care to equip its new Galaxy Note 9 with a satellite planet full of accessories - from said cases to chargers and anything in-between. There aren't grand surprises or new wrapping series, but the vertical dual camera change does require some new cutouts at the back. Samsung isn't leaving the protection to chance and has given us a glimpse of all the official cases, chargers, and other Note 9 accessories to gawk at here.

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