Best Buy to sell Nokia Booklet 3G for full retail price of $600?

Best Buy to sell Nokia Booklet 3G for full retail price of $600?
Nokia's own Booklet 3G will make an appearance in Best Buy stores after the big box retailer confirmed exclusive rights to it. The Finnish phone maker's presence may not be as prominent as they like in the US phone market, but hopefully their entry into the netbook scene may spring some brand recognition among US consumers. We've already went into detail at how powerful this device will be out of the box, but even its awe inspiring design is something worth noting. Some of the mind boggling specs include Windows 7, 720p (1280x720) screen, accelerometer, SIM card slot, 120GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, 1.6 GHz Atom processor, Wi-Fi, HDMI, and a 16 hour battery life. Sounds all fun and dandy doesn't it? What's unknown so far is pricing and availability date – but one of our tipsters provided us with a screen shot of Best Buy's inventory system that shows the regular retail price at $599.99. Some may consider the under $600 price tag a bargain for something not requiring your signature for a two year contract. It's assumed that pricing after subsidies will vary and will hopefully drop the price to the under $500 mark. With its arrival in their inventory system, it might clearly indicate that we will witness a launch relatively soon.

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