Best Buy teams with Verizon on a free iPhone BOGO deal, plus up to $150 discount


Apple products rarely get on anyone's deal list, but Best Buy softened up for Father's Day this week and is discounting the latest Watch Series 3 with no less than $50. That's right, but the deals don't end up here. In fact, you can also save $50-$150 on the latest iPhones, too, and, if you open a new Verizon line, or add a line to an existing account, you will even get a BOGO iPhone, how 'bout dat?

Tucked in the Best Buy deals on the runup to Father's Day is a gem of an offer - up to $699.99 off, or the price of the basic iPhone 8, if you get another one of Apple's 2017 crop, including the iPhone X. How does it work? Well, sign up for a new Verizon line on an eligible data plan, or add an extra line to your existing account, and Verizon will give you a 64 GB iPhone 8, or the same amount in bill credits towards other models. In addition, Best Buy chops off $50 from the 64 GB versions, and $150 off the 256 GB ones to begin with.

Should you get a 256 GB version of the iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus, that will be $700 in bill credits, plus $150 in one-time discounts, so you can basically have a 256GB iPhone X for $300, not bad at all. Needless to say, there is a $30 activation fee on the new line(s), and $35 restocking should you wish to return the phone(s), plus you have to pay the remaining balance if the plan isn't in good standing for the duration. 

Before you scoff that deal credits are the new 2-year contracts, remember that this is Verizon and Apple we are talking about here, not the most generous of the bunch. The deal will run until June 16th, just before Father's Day, so you still have some time left to head over to Best Buy and grab it. Did anyone take advantage already?

source: Best Buy
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