Best Buy Mobile to sell unlocked phones with contract

Best Buy Mobile to sell unlocked phones with contract
God bless Best Buy Mobile for they are about to take a bold step that the other major retailers have yet to tread on. It's true that many retailers, such as Dell, CompUSA, etc., have been offering unlocked GSM phones for a while but not with a contract. This is where Best Buy Mobile comes into play.
It is speculated that Best Buy's mobile division is ready to offer three Nokia phones at subsidized costs which are as follwos:

  • E71 for $199.99 with a two year contract
  • N96 for $599.99 with a two year contract
  • N95 8GB for $349.99 with a two year contract

Keeping in mind that the E71, N96 and the N95 cost an average of $420, $800 and $550 respectively, these are good prices for such high end phones.

The only drawback is that these phones will be offered with a T-Mobile service agreement which limits the user to the EDGE network as the 3G frequencies are not supported.

The start date is rumored to be November 16th.

source TmoNews via IntoMobile



1. unregistered

watch out best buy. with all the lawsuits over contracts and early termination fees, just be careful

4. unregistered

I hate Best Buy and now that we have lost Circuit City, I'm left with online shopping. I hope they get in trouble!!!

2. unregistered

Why offer it with T-Mobile if all the phones have the AT&T 3G bands? Maybe AT&T is actually planning on bringing the E71 and N96 to the US.

3. unregistered


5. unregistered

Exactly ATT is Crap so I really don't care if they never bring those phones to the US.

6. JC unregistered

That's good... but why not offer them with AT&T since they use AT&T's 3G bands and not T-Mobile's?... That part I don't understand...

7. unregistered

why would u pay tha much for a non 3g phone

8. unregistered

The real question is will they offer Insurance on the phones. I would take full advantage of that.

9. unregistered

Of course we will ;-)

12. ritu unregistered

how much tmobile is charging for 2 years contract for nokia e55

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