Bentley's Hackpack, a triple arcade game collection, out on Android

Bentley's Hackpack, a triple arcade game collection, out on Android
Sony's gaming arm, SCEW, released Bentley's Hackpack on Android. This title is a collection of three arcade games based on the Sly Cooper franchise. Previously available on PSN and iOS, Benley's Hackpack features Spark Runner, Alter Ego, and System Cracker. The first is a "maze game" - the player has to navigate electrical current through the course of a circuit board while battling a time limit. The second is a cybernetic side-scroller in which you fly and shoot at everything and anything that goes against you. And in the third game, set in a neon-glowing universe, the player controls a vehicle, which, unbelievably, has to shoot at everything in its path. Video-games never change, do they?

Although none of the three titles shine with stunning graphics or particularly interesting concepts, you do get three fully-featured games for the price of one, which is a nice bargain. They have 60 levels in total, filled with collectibles such as Sly Raccoon masks.

Bentley's Hackpack requires Android 2.3 and up, and has a free demo version that lets you sample all three games. The full title costs $2.99

Download: Android

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