The next OnePlus will come with blazing fast UFS 3.0 storage, according to leaked benchmark results

ufs 3.0 oneplus
The OnePlus 6T and its teardrop notch

There are a few main factors that determine how fast and "snappy" your smartphone feels. There's the main processor, the memory and then there is storage. The storage is a pretty important one since that's where the operating system, photos, videos, apps and so on are stored permanently. OnePlus phones are notorious for their speed and it seems that the next model will not be an exception. 

Besides the Snapdragon 855 SoC that's been set to power the upcoming OnePlus flagship, it appears it will also come with the next generation of flash storage - UFS 3.0. The information comes from the infamous tech leaker Ice universe, which means it's still a rumor, but his track record when it comes to leaks is solid enough to make it credible. 

The tweet contains a screenshot from a benchmarking tool that shows sequential read speeds upwards of 2000MB/s, far beyond what UFS 2.1 is capable of (around 800MB/s, to learn more about UFS 2.1 check our dedicated article). That tweet was then followed by another one saying "You can look forward to The Next OnePlus", leaving little doubt what the shown data is referring to.

UFS 3.0 is developed by Samsung, the leading manufacturer of flash and memory chips, and was announced a few months ago. It's expected to show up first on Samsung's own Galaxy S10 devices (likely not on the S10 lite due to the minimum 128GB capacity of UFS 3.0) at the end of next month. And while the difference will surely be noticeable during daily use, the main benefit of the faster storage is that it will allow for the recording of videos with high resolution and high frames per second, as well as their playback, of course.

It seems that OnePlus will continue to offer the best possible hardware, let's hope it will also manage to keep its affordable prices as well. Either way, we can't wait for 2019 releases to start coming!

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