Ben the Bodyguard is coming soon to protect your Apple iPhone

Ben the Bodyguard is coming soon to protect your Apple iPhone
Coming in January, Apple iPhone owners no longer will have to fear those who seek to grab personal and sensitive information from their handset. Ben the Bodyguard will be on the job starting next month, and he is going to protect your data and info from falling into the wrong hands. It might be too late for Miley Cyrus, whose lost Apple iPhone has apparently yielded someone a library of pictures that were tabloid-worthy, but it hopefully isn't too late for you.

If losing pictures, video or text keeps you up at night, head over to the source link for some information on Ben the Bodyguard. Presumably some sort of site that will encrypt your information and protect it using remote wipes and other means, the app's web site is designed to scare you into signing up to receive more information on the service just before it launches next month. Until then, we are in the dark as to the actual methods used, and the cost required to keep our information away from the evil eyes of the bad guys. We would bet, however, that the combination of the app's web site along with the reports of personal pictures leaking from Miley's missing iPhone, will lead to a lot of people signing up for more information.

source: BentheBodyguard

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iPhone 4
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  • OS iOS 7.x



2. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Well the Facebook page says protecting passwords photos and contacts and such. And the website is talking about people stealing your phone so it must be some sort of remote system. The website makes it very intriguing. On a side note, if I didn't visit bens site on my iPhone I would swear it was a flash based site. I'm guessing it was JS but whatever it was, combined with HTML 5 for video and audio this is capable of completely erasing flash.

1. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Yeah ummm that's what find my iPhone is for. And Now it's free. So unless Ben can provide a service that can do more than track your iPhone to within couple feet, remote lock, remote wipe, send special alerts and even custom messages to your iPhone for the finder/thief to see and hear, and do all that for free, I don't see any reason, regardless of method why this would be needed. Let's see what they have to offer. Hopefully it's more than remote data protection.

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