Stream or scroll? Belkin's new 10W Boost Up wireless chargers sport a clever design

Belkin has a new wireless chargers out that deliver generous 10W of output, and come in a pad or stand forms, with the latter sporting a pretty intriguing design. We were curious what the most popular third-party wireless charging accessory maker will be coming out with, after it got gobbled up by Foxconn, and the new gear doesn't disappoint.

The pad has an orthodox round design, delivers 10W of output with all the necessary precautions towards your Qi-enabled device battery, and retails for $59.99. The kicker here is that it comes in other colors than the fairly boring white and black, like the so-called Desert Pink (you know, for the rough girls).

The BOOST UP Wireless Charging Stand 10W for Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony (yes, it's a mouthful), on the other hand, costs ten bucks more, and doesn't come in no stinkin' pink, but features an innovative design akin to a make-up portable mirror. With it, you can rest your iPhone or Galaxy on the frame in both landscape or portrait orientation, depending on the situation you like to continue using your device in while it is charging.

Wireless charging usage is growing leaps and bounds after Apple finally decided to incorporate the tech in its iPhones, so such stand designs are bound to become more popular with our spoiled, cable-averse selves.

source: Belkin


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