Behold! Walmart mislabels Samsung handset

Behold! Walmart mislabels Samsung handset
Walmart wants to be the store where you get your underwear and buy a new cellphone. The discount retailer has made some decent strides over the last year, but still has a long way to go to catch up with stores like Best Buy. Do you feel the same comfort level when you ask a question to a Walmart employee in electronics as you do when you question a Best Buy employee working the cellphone section? While just a simple mistake, the picture below is an example of the growing pains at Walmart. The handset in the middle space where the Samsung Behold is supposed to reside, is  actually the Samsung Highlight. Heck, it's an easy mistake to make. Both the Highlight and the first Behold are messaging phones with 3 inch screens, but the first-gen Behold was one of the first-and few-featurephones sporting a 5MP camera at the time it was launched and the Highlight has a 3MP camera. We're sure mistakes like this happen all over, but when you are trying to make your mark in a crowded business by taking market share away, you cannot afford to mislabel a phone.

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source: TmoNews


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