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Be My Eyes helps those with vision problems "see"

Be My Eyes helps those with vision problems "see"
By My Eyes is an iOS app that gives those with impaired vision a chance to "see" what is front of them. With the app, the vision impaired person sends a live video of an object that he wants identified. Or, the live video can contain pages or other text that needs to be read. Either way, the images are sent to a person with sight who will explain what a specific object is, or read the pages sent via the live video.

Launched in Denmark by Danish developer Robocat, there are now 700 helpers willing to assist the blind. And by adding the app to the Apple App Store, there should be more exposure which should bring more helpers and more users. The app does offer a points system to help rate those assisting the blind. This way, practical jokers looking to do more harm than good, will get weeded out.

The app is a non-profit venture, and Robocat founder Willi Wu would like to see the app ripen in the App Store before he takes it to other platforms. If you're looking to do some good in the world, here is your opportunity to help those less fortunate than you.

source: BeMyEyes (iOS) via GigaOm
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