Banking? Only 10% would trust Apple with it, weird study finds

Banking? Only 10% would trust Apple with it, weird study finds
Now, we wouldn’t even imagine Apple going into the banking industry, but a study by marketing researchers KAE actually suggests the contrary. KAE was so confident Apple is about to enter the banking sector that it actually conducted a survey asking people whether they’d trust the world’s most valuable company with their money. The result? If getting 10% of user’s trust is low, then Apple got a big sharp “no.”

Only around 500 of the 5,000 surveyed said they’d trust Apple handle their finances. And of those 500, nearly 81% were tech savvy users currently banking  mostly online. At the same time, current users of Apple products, were more likely to trust the company with their hard earned dollars.


Having iTunes and the App Store, and this nearly intimate connection with developers, this could make more sense than is obvious from a glance. But is it really something that's in the realm of possibility? You have your say in the comments below.

source: BGR


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