With the new school year already here for some, we felt like we should fulfill our duty and present you with an informative Back to School Phone Guide. Busy times are coming, folks, meaning lots of you won't be able to spend so much time with their close ones. And we know this doesn't feel good, as we've visited a few classes ourselves, not that long ago... but that's a different story. What's important now is this: how are you going to get by without missing your friends, relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers (alright, we're going a bit too far here) that much. Fear not – we've got just the right painkiller for you, and it's called – wireless communication.

And no, we ain't those nerdy geeks you think we are, because we'll not simply throw a bunch of high-end smartphones at you and say “There you go, pick one up!”, no. It is no secret that students need large quantities of food in order to keep them going through those long school days. Feel like you can eat an elephant, but your budget is getting dangerously low? We feel you, buddy, but what the heck is that EVO 4G doing in your pocket?! It ain't good for eatin'! Just come inside and check the various handsets we have selected for our Back to School Phone Guide 2010.

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