Are you worried about Huawei?

Are you worried about Huawei?
Today, the smartphone world woke up to some bad news about Huawei. Having been added to the “entity list” by the US government, it’s been barred from doing business with any US-based company. That includes Google, which means no Android builds in the future.


Well, technically, Huawei will still have access to the Android Open Source Project, which is essentially all it needs to build its EMUI over. But the Google Framework that allows the installation and use of the Play Store? Gone… Security patches? No go. Easy and fast updates? Nuh-uh. It’s safe to say, Huawei’s rapid expansion in Western markets has been slapped with a brick and strapped down.

The company will be fine in its homeland of China — Google’s presence is blocked there anyway. They don’t need the Play Store as they use their own, special app stores in country.

The possibility that we might not see what crazy features the Huawei Mate 30 Pro might bring along is a downer for sure. Who knows, maybe the trade war will settle down a bit by then and Huawei will get its comeback? We’ll see

Are you worried about Huawei phones?

Absolutely. I was looking forward to buying one
Not really, they will be fine sooner or later

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