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Are you an Apple fan? (poll results)

Are you an Apple fan? (poll results)
If you visited our website yesterday, there's a good chance that you came across our Monday poll: Are you an Apple fan? 

For some, it came across as a weird question to ask, but there is quite some context behind it that avid readers of the site will be aware of — generally speaking, Apple and its products are typically belittled by the Android community, whether because people feel the company is making too much on every iPhone, or because said iPhones supposedly aren't packing the best-of-the-best in terms of hardware. In fact, whenever we speak up for Apple, as we're bound to given the quality products coming out of its gates and the fact that it's our job to, whatever is said is often (mistakenly) taken for unjust praise. The reality is quite different, of course, as we've tried to make clear over and over again. If we were to vote in our own poll, we'd go for choice number two — we're admirers, because we believe in giving credit where credit's due.

So how did the rest of you vote? According to the numbers, 453 of voters out of 2,810, or 16.12%, are outright Apple fans. On the other end of the spectrum lie the votes of 1,232 people (or 43.84%), who take a very clear stance against the tech giant, and supposedly don't appreciate its work at all. In the middle, along with our fictitious vote, sits a body of 1,125 voters (40.04%), who aren't necessarily crazy about the company or its products, but seem to agree that its track record deserves respect.

As you can imagine judging from the first paragraph, this split hardly surprises us. Did it surprise you?

Are you an Apple fan?

Credit where credit's due — I'm an admirer, but not necessarily a fan
Absolutely not!
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