Apple’s new iPad ad: “Change” is in “Air”

Apple tossed out a new ad for the iPad Air 2, following a celebratory motif that is found in other Apple ads. In this latest ad, we are treated to all the different ways people use an iPad, which as you can imagine, is quite varied given how big the ecosystem is for iOS devices.

The theme of the ad is “Change,” but the underlying current is “thin,” a message conveyed via the ever growing white letterbox borders filling the screen from the top and bottom. The music bed is a song titled “Who Needs You,” by The Orwells.

Tablet sales are trending very limited growth in the years to come, so we may see a bit more aggressive marketing by Apple as we get into a final pattern of the holiday shopping season. Along with the hardware, iTunes and its wide app selection will likely be part of the message from Cupertino as well.

If you have been thinking about adding the Apple iPad Air 2 to your list for the holidays, check out our review. The tablet competition is fierce, but the iPad Air 2 more than holds its own with sharp design, fast performance, and premium build quality.


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