Apple's new ad hints that with the iPad Pro, we are close to a post-PC world

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Apple says that with the iPad Pro and iOS 11, a post-PC world is closer than we think. And that is the focus of a new ad for the device that was released yesterday by Apple. It isn't until the very end of the commercial when you understand what Apple is trying to say in 60 seconds. A young girl named Scout (maybe 11 or so) hops on her bike, carrying her iPad Pro in a bag. It's a busy day for this young iPad Pro user as she meets a friend on an apartment stoop, and works on a report about insects (using the camera to take a picture of a praying mantis).

Our heroine then sits down to work on a fabulous drawing she is creating with the Apple Pencil and her iPad Pro. She even uses the device while perched up in a tree. But the real point of the ad comes in the last scene. 

Back home, Scout is lying in the grass, typing on her iPad Pro which is propped up by a Smart Case. Suddenly, the next-door neighbor appears. "Hey," says the neighbor, "Whatcha doing on your computer?" And the little girl with an iPad Pro that apparently never leaves her side answers, "What's a computer?" Back in 2016, Apple used some of its marketing budget to try to convince consumers that "just when you think you know what a computer is," here comes the iPad Pro. It appears that a bit over a year later, the kids don't know what a computer is.

Check out the new ad by tapping on the video at the top of this story.

source: Apple

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