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Apple's marketing chief explains why iPhones will stay thin, defends the 16 GB models

Apple's Schiller talks iPhone storage, thin design tradeoffs
Apple's Phil Schiller, as the good marketing man he is, sat down with "The Talk Show" podcast, and dished out some hints on Apple's future direction with iPhones, design language, and the like.

First off, while iPhones might not get much thinner than what they already are, don't expect them to become slabs with large batteries that work for days on a charge, either: "If you want a product that's thicker with a bigger battery it's also heavier, more costly, takes longer to charge. We model every thickness, every size, every weight and try to figure out what the tradeoffs are. I think we've made great choices there," commented Mr Schiller.

On another question - why is Apple still fumbling around with 16 GB iPhones in the era of 4K videos and unbridled media consumption, Apple's marketing chief was again rather diplomatic, saying that offering a basic iPhone storage version leaves resources for improvements in other areas, such as the camera. While that might be a hint at the better shooter that is supposed to come in the next iPhone, it also raises some eyebrows, given Apple's nuclear $200 billion cash pile that can buy or invent almost any promising tech, and not feel a thing.

As for the storage conundrum, Phil Schiller chimed in: "The belief is more and more as we use iCloud services for documents and our photos and videos and music that perhaps the most price-conscious customers are able to live in an environment where they don't need gobs of local storage because these services are lightening the load."

Last but not least, on the sole USB Type-C port for both charging and data transfer on the new MacBook Air, the marketing guru acknowledged that was a risk on Apple's part in the name of design, then really resorted to marketing speak: "If all we do is an incremental, slight change, where's the excitement? We need to take risks. That's the Apple I want. I want an Apple that's bold and taking risks and being aggressive." There you have it.

source: TheVerge
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