Apple's latest iPhone ad is a masterful and touching work of art

If there is one thing Apple wants you to know about what it is as a company, that would certainly be different.

The company often points out that it is intensely focused on making great products, but there is one other aspect of Apple that makes it unique: the fact that it stands on the intersection between technology and the liberal arts much more than any other phone maker.

And it proves it time and time again.

Take this latest commercial for the Memories feature on iOS. Memories automatically takes your pictures and videos, and creates a short film out of them automatically. It's not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, but it's done well.

This, however, is not enough of a message for Apple and its marketing team has really stepped it up today with the release of this latest ad, where your iPhone is symbolized by an old, hard-working man stamping the pictures and creating the video for a particular memory. Emotional, touching, and masterful, this commercial resembles more a short movie than a regular ad. It's hard to tell the difference, see it for yourself right above.


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