Apple may release four iPhones this year, starting with an expensive SE 2 in June

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Apple may release four iPhones this year, starting with an expensive SE 2 in June
Despite all the rumors and screen protector leaks, the iPhone SE 2 that is likely to be announced on Monday by Apple, is now tipped to just come with upgraded internals, instead of that whole notch redesign affair.

Granted, it's just a single supply chain source quoted, but this premise makes way more sense than the notch-y theory, as, first, a TrueDepth camera for FaceID is unlikely at the SE 2 price point, and, second, the phone is likely to be very small, so a "full screen" design will be an overkill anyway.

The insiders, however, are tipping that the iPhone SE 2 may come more expensive than the current SE price point, which is explicable - the SE started at $399, and is now at $349, so the SE 2 may go back up to the $399 tag, but with a much higher amount of storage from the get-go. Given the latest pricing trends, though, even what will supposedly be the cheapest iPhone this year, may start from $449, too.

Pegged for release in June, shortly after Apple's announcement at the WWDC expo on Monday, the SE 2 is said to be just the first of four iPhones that Apple is expected to unveil this year. Next in line will be an iPhone X successor with 5.8" display, a 6.1" affordable iPhone, and a top-line X Plus with 6.4" screen, housed in the footprint of the current 8 Plus, or smaller. That's quite the lineup, and, with hundreds of million users with aging iPhones, Apple will come well-prepared to take advantage of this tsunami of an upgrade cycle.

source: Forbes


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