Apple tablet to have 3G and web cam

Apple tablet to have 3G and web cam
The signs keep coming that Apple is about to offer up a tablet with many features. According to French Telecom's Stephane Richard, the number 2 exec at the carrier, the Cupertino based firm is on the cusp of releasing a tablet that will run over 3G and feature a web cam. Richard wasn't exactly talkative, simply uttering "Oui" to a series of questions about an Apple tablet, 3G and a webcam. Captured on a video camera in French, the exchange goes like this in translation, Reporter: According to weekly Le Point, in a couple of days Apple will be launching its tablet computer...Richard: Yes, Reporter: ...equipped with a webcam. Richard: Yes, Reporter: Are Orange customers going to be able to enjoy it? Richard: Of course! With a conversation like this, Richard might have even answered in the affirmitive that the device makes coffee and vacuums the rug. Orange, of course, previously had an exlcusive agreement to sell the iPhone in France, but that nation's competition counsel ruled that such an agreement was illegal. Back home, we are closing in on the January 27th date when Apple is expected to introduce the mythical tablet to the public.  It appears that none other than Steve Jobs has been enlisted for the festivities that is to take place in San Francisco later this month.

source: Nowhereelse(Translated) via AppleInsider


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