Apple set to have a new global director of security, ex-NSA and Navy cadre

Apple set to have a new global director of security, ex-NSA and Navy cadre
Seems like Apple is most eager to boost its security team, and it's now reported that the Cupertino-based company has acquired the services of David Rice, who is set to take the role of director of global security at the firm.

David Rice's CV speaks for itself - he is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and earned his master's degree in Information Warfare and Systems Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School. He has worked for the National Security Agency, and he is an executive director of the Monterey Group, a cybersecurity consulting firm.

There, however, seems to be one more reason why he was chosen by Apple. According to Arik Hesseldahl from All Things Digital:

"Those who know Rice describe him as a deeply respected name in IT security circles who not only can speak the kind of language that makes CIOs comfortable, but can also back up that language with the skills and knowledge to match."

There are a few more noteworthy items in his CV, but we guess you get the idea. He also published the book "Geekonomics" in which "he argues that software is modern infrastructure – just like a bridge – and if it’s poorly made or insecure, it constitutes a public hazard."

This is yet another appointment in the Apple security team - since 2009, it was joined by Window Snyder, the ex-security chief at Mozilla; Ivan Krstic, the former head of security for the One Laptop Per Child project; and Jon Callas, the ex-CTO of PGP, which was later acquired by Symantec.

It seems Apple is serious in targeting the business user - and as we all know, for the business user, it's of paramount importance that everything is save and secure.

source: All Things Digital


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