Apple reportedly having multiple issues with iWatch production

Apple reportedly having multiple issues with iWatch production
For all of the rumors about Apple's planned smartwatch, referred to by the media as the iWatch, there has only been one consistent piece of information throughout all of the news: Apple is having a lot of production issues with this product. No one is quite sure when to expect the iWatch, or if it even has a planned release window, but there are continual reports of multiple production issues with it.

According to sources for The Information, Apple stopped advanced prototyping with an undisclosed manufacturing partner last year; and, Apple has been facing issues in regards to the screen technology, battery, and even some supposed manufacturing "bumps" all related to the iWatch. Although, the report does note that there is no indication that any of these troubles have actually led to delays for the product, which would make it seem as though release of the iWatch is still well in the future. 

The report also says that Apple has a "sizeable team" working on the project, and that it is likely that the iWatch will be running a stripped down version of iOS in order to limit the resource needs of the device. We would also add that the latter part of that seems more like common sense than something needing an insider source to predict. 

source: The Information (sub. req.) via The Next Web

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