Apple releases stunning 'Call To The Wild' Apple Watch Ultra promotional video

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You have to give it to Apple - the company really knows how to market its products. Today, in another stroke of advertising genius, the American tech giant released a promotional video for the Apple Watch Ultra on its YouTube channel. 
The clip, entitled ‘Call To The Wild’, was originally shown at the company’s ‘Far Out’ event in September, but has now been released as a standalone ad. The video showcases the Apple Watch Ultra in all its glory withstanding the elements and thriving in the poorest of weather conditions. 
The narrator sets the tone for the short story with the words “Wanted for hazardous journey…”. The clip is just another testament to Apple’s true intentions when designing the Apple Watch Ultra. This wearable is simply not made for casual users. 
It seeks to appeal to the adventurers and the athletes that can truly make good use of its capabilities. It is no secret that the Ultra is Apple’s most advanced wearable to date. It features a rugged case, a big, incredibly bright display and a programmable action button. 
The former coupled with the wearable’s superb battery life, 100m water resistance and plethora of useful sport-related features make the Apple Watch Ultra an exceptional device that is, unfortunately, not meant for everyone. However, for those that can use an Apple Watch Ultra to its fullest extent, it will likely be an invaluable asset. 
It is necessary to point out that all of this comes at a very high price tag. The Apple Watch Ultra starts at a whopping $799, just as much as Apple’s entry-level iPhone 14. In this case, greatness, quite literally, comes at a cost. 
One that many will be willing to pay. At any rate, the Apple Watch Ultra could be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in Apple’s history.

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