Apple quietly introduces WebKit2

Apple quietly introduces WebKit2
With the advent of mobile Safari on the iPhone, web browsing on a mobile device was taken to a new level as it showcased the unreal performance that users experienced. Thanks to the WebKit based browser, the iPhone has steadily reinvented the notion that mobile devices can truly deliver an experience that rivals desktop computing. In a quieter move away from all of announcements of what's expected to be seen with iPhone OS 4.0, Apple introduced WebKit2 which will pave the way for an even superior web browsing experience on their devices that includes the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. What makes WebKit2 a serious contender is the fact that it'll utilize separate processes for browser elements – similar to what Google Chrome implements. The advantage that it'll have is that other clients can utilize the process model that is built into the foundation. There is no arguing the evolution we are witnessing with all the wonderful new items seen with iPhone OS 4.0 so far, but web browsing will continue to stand as a major player in its transformation.

source: WebKit via Engadget



1. whocares

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incoming fanboy hate

2. Rhetoric

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Wow could that article have been written with any more bias?

3. Galen20K

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BWahahahaa oh that was FUNNY!

4. skd_62

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how about flash on the browser steve...... where is it..... Cr@p

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