Apple patents non-rattly iPhones, stuff that zooms automatically

Apple patents
Patents – they are often interesting to examine, regardless of whether they ever end up being used in an actual product or not. That is especially true when it comes to Apple, which holds the intellectual rights to some pretty neat stuff, and new entries are being added to its portfolio quite often. New entries like these two, for example: a patent that might make iPhones a bit less annoying, and a patent that might one day replace the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

The first patent deals with the rattling noise a phone makes while vibrating when placed on a solid surface. Basically, the iPhone will be able to detect whether the sound it makes is too loud using its built-in microphone. If needed, the intensity of the vibrating motor will be adjusted accordingly in order to reduce or eliminate the generated noise. If the patent is ever implemented in an iPhone, its silent mode should become truly silent.

The second patent describes a way of adjusting the size of the contents being displayed on a screen depending on how far the device is being held from the user's face. Measuring that distance could be done using the front-facing camera or the proximity sensor of an iPhone or an iPad. Using the method described in the patent, the device will be able to automatically zoom in or out on text or images to the point, at which the content is most comfortable for the user to view.

Both of Apple's new patents seem quite useful and we hope that we get to see them one day in action. How about you, guys? Is anyone already a fan of Apple's aforementioned ideas? Let us know down in the comments!

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