Apple nabs the number one spot in a recent satisfaction ranking, while RIM is found at the bottom

Apple nabs the number one spot in a recent satisfaction ranking, while RIM is found at the bottom
Well, well, it looks like Apple has yet another thing to be proud about, since they’ve nabbed the number one spot in the American Customer Satisfaction Index rankings – beating out all of its rivals in the process

Apparently, the ACSI has given Apple a total score of 83, which is actually the highest score that has been given to a phone company – ever! Besides setting a record for the rankings, the ACSI goes on to highlight Apple as “a game changer” in the market, as they’re able to stand out in their first month in the rankings. Unlike some of its esteemed competitors, Apple has it somewhat easier, since all iPhones run on iOS. Meaning, they don't have to worry about juggling the intricacies seen other companies dealing with multiple platforms.

In its statement today, the ACSI said, “At 83, Apple’s iPhone is a game changer when it comes to customer satisfaction. No other cell phone company has ever broken into the 80s. Apple’s nearest competitors this year are three companies tied at 75: Nokia (+3%) and ACSI newcomers LG and HTC.

On the other end of the spectrum, RIM is placed at the bottom of barrel with a total score of 69 points. Interestingly enough, the ACSI mentions that it’s not much of a surprise considering the manufacturer’s current woes in the financial markets. ACSI founder Claes Fornell said, “Companies with weak customer satisfaction often have weak stock performance. RIM’s sales are slumping amid a bevy of problems, from hardware and software issues to server lapses that have caused email and messaging outages. Over the past year, share price for RIM has virtually collapsed.

source: The American Customer Satisfaction Index via SlashGear


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