Apple might be shopping wireless charging chips from MediaTek for upcoming iPhone accessories

According to China's Economic Daily News, Apple has requested wireless charging chip samples from Taiwanese semiconductor powerhouse MediaTek. Reportedly, Apple is likely to create wireless charging peripherals for the iPhone, such as cases and other accessories. Fellow technological firms NXP and IDT will also send Apple samples.

MediaTek's wireless charging system supports multi-mode wireless charging at the receiver, using a single coil, single matching network, and a single IC to receive charge based on all of the currently accepted standards, such as A4WP Rezence, Qi, or PMA. The solution lets manufacturers such as Apple implement wireless charging in their devices without concerns for compatibility and interoperability between current standards.

In particular, the A4WP resonant charging standard allows for supporting different form factors and features the ability for charging at a distance, bringing freedom of placement and the convenience of charging multiple devices from a single charger. To the contrary, Qi and PMA are based on induction charging and aren't adapted to different form factors as easily. Moreover, they usually require one charger per device. Third-party wireless charging cases for the iPhone are currently available, though they follow after the Qi and the PMA standards, or proprietary magnetic charging systems.

We'll have to wait and see what Apple is envisioning. The ability to wirelessly charge an iPhone at a distance will be a strong functionality addition, beyond doubt.

source: DigiTimes, MediaTek


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