Apple just announced... an app drawer and widgets for iOS 14!

Apple just announced... an app drawer and widgets for iOS 14!
For years upon years, the smartphone fandom has been split in two — those who loved their app drawer on their Android device and those who didn't care. See, not every app is worthy to be on your homescreen — it may be something that you launch super-rarely, it may be a background monitoring app, or just an app that you downloaded for its widget. Yet, if you happen to be on an iPhone, you'd get your homescreens constantly cluttered with these extra apps.

Android users constantly praise the app drawer as the most underrated feature of the system for its decluttering power. Until now, Apple was adamant on not adding it. Well... it's coming with iOS 14! What a time to be alive, right?

Technically, it's called App Library on iOS. The right-most homescreen that you scroll to will have all of your apps, intelligently sorted by their utility — games, creativity, social, et cetera — all the categories that iOS can recognize. You can either use the top search bar to find an app, open the "suggested" folder (the iPhone learns from your usage patterns and suggests an app), which will be persistent as the first option you get in the app library, or scroll through the categories to find what you are looking for.

With the App Library added, you won't need 47 homescreens anymore. So, iOS 14 will let you hide all of those extra screens when you are in "wiggle" mode (homescreen edit mode). 

But wait! There's widgets!

For a few years now, iOS has supported widgets. Kind of, sort of, not exactly. Widgets were only present in your "Today" screen — when you swipe right on the lock screen or when you swipe right from your first homescreen. Technically usable, but not always optimal. The point of widgets is to give at-a-glimpse information, and the way iOS had them up until now was kind of tucked-away like it was ashamed of them or something.

On iOS 14, you will be able to customise the size of your widgets and place them on any homescreen you wish. Again, that's something that Android users have mocked iOS for not being able to do for some years now... Well, in 2020, who's laughing now? Ha... ha-ha... ha!

When is iOS 14 coming out?

Historically, it has been in September for multiple years in a row now. As per Apple's words, iOS 14 will be released in Fall of 2020. So, yeah — probably on schedule.

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