Apple is tops in the air says inflight Wi-Fi provider Gogo

Apple is tops in the air says inflight Wi-Fi provider Gogo
There are a lot of things people can do to pass the time on a flight, but thanks to a company like Gogo that provides inflight Wi-Fi to passengers, joining the mile-high club isn't the only fun people can have on a plane. According to an infograph produced by Gogo, those using the internet in the sky like to browse the web before working or even checking their email or their social network. And the browser they use the most is mobile Safari followed by Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

What device do airline passengers use the most to get online? It was close, but the humble tablet is used the most, with 35% of inflight surfers using a slate. This is followed by the laptop at 33% and the smartphone at 32%. Speaking of smartphones, the platform used most by airline passengers going online in the sky is iOS with a 73% share. That leaves 26% using an Android flavored model while .01% are sporting a BlackBerry device and .006 have a Windows Phone in their hand. Separating Apple devices by usage on airplanes, 59% use the Apple iPad, 36% have an Apple iPhone online inflight while 5% are using the Apple iPod.

While Apple does dominate in the sky, Android has picked up some ground (no pun intended). In 2011, iOS had a commanding 96.8% share of online devices with Android far behind at 3.2%. In 2013, Apple still dominates above the clouds with an 84% share compared to 16% for Android.

source: Gogo via Slashgear



1. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Go Go Do Do dododo dodod doo!

4. gallitoking

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Yes Apple.rules the air

5. rusticguy

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Heck but stock prices fall .... nothing is taking it up :D

7. ibap

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Do these numbers have anything to do with the connected-at-the-hip relationship between iOS users and their devices? I'm sure Apple is delighted.

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