Apple intends on giving the pink slip to the white iPhone 4?

Apple intends on giving the pink slip to the white iPhone 4?
Earlier it was made known that Apple decided to push the launch of the white iPhone 4 model until spring, but now there are reports hinting to a far more uninviting notion that'll have some people very saddened.

Even though it was shown off during the iPhone 4's official unveiling, we've seen a rash of delays for this pristine model as Apple hinted to some manufacturing concerns with the device. However, one source close to the situation theorizes that Apple has no intentions on releasing the white variant – and that the company would communicate another “delay” some time around March.

If that's going to be the outcome, it would seemingly find itself ready and in time for the release of the next iteration of the iPhone which would be in the June or July time frame. Although this is all still speculation, the iPhone 4 has been on the market for quite some time now and with these never ending delays for the white model, it paints the telling tale that it might as well wait until the new iteration is unveiled.

source: BGR

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