Apple iPhone 5c production cut in half?

Apple iPhone 5c production cut in half?
Seems like we've seen this show before. Last January, week demand for the then flagship Apple iPhone 5 reportedly led Apple to slice production of the device in half. On Friday, a published report out of China said that the Cupertino based tech titan is cutting its daily production of the Apple iPhone 5c by 50% due to "disappointing sales". The number of the plastic mid-range iPhone models coming off the line is now allegedly set at 150,000 a day, cut from the 300,000 a day that previously was being produced daily.

Reports of weak Apple iPhone 5c sales seem to contradict other reports that claim otherwise. For example, Canadian securities house Canaccord Genuity recently said that during September, iPhone 5c sales were strong enough at the four major U.S. carriers to propel the device ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at certain times in the month, good enough for second place. The Apple iPhone 5s was the top selling smartphone among the top four major U.S. carriers during September.

Apple's website seems to confirm the lack of demand for the Apple iPhone 5c. Orders placed online from the site show that they will ship within 24 hours while orders for the Apple iPhone 5s show a shipping date of "October". In addition, China's online shopping site Taobao has seen the price of the iPhone 5c drop from 4488 Yuan ($733 USD) to 3500 Yuan ($572 USD). Still, we need to take this report with a grain of salt until we get a look at Apple's production numbers at the end of the quarter.

source: CTechcn (translated) via Pocketlint

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