Apple iPhone 5 coming this year to a trio of China's mobile carriers

Apple iPhone 5 coming this year to a trio of China's mobile carriers
While rumors about the Apple iPhone 5 have been circulating in the States, over in China, two of that nation's mobile carriers are expected to get the Apple iPhone 5 into customers' hands as soon as this quarter.  According to Chinese market analysis firm Caixin, China Unicom and China Telecom will be selling the "new iPhone model... as early as the third quarter of the year,"according to a story reported Friday by Bloomberg. China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier, will add Apple's smartphone to its lineup later in the year. The report, attributed to an unidentified person, also says that the Apple iPhone 5 could be sold this quarter in the U.S. as well as in China.

Last month, we reported that Apple COO Tim Cook met with officials of China Mobile in China, to work out details of letting the huge carrier offer the iPhone to its 611 million customers, which accounts for 68% of the country's wireless market. And while the iPhone is not yet available for China Mobile, 4 million Chinese are using its network to run an iPhone unit. China Unicom is the only one of the three carriers currently offering Apple's handset to customers.

To show you how much money is at stake for Apple, if China Telecom, with 107.5 million subscribers, signs a pact with Apple as expected, it could bring $9 billion USD into Apple's coffers. And remember, China Mobile has nearly 4 times the number of customers as China Telecom has.

source: Bloomberg via AppleInsider

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1. android_hitman unregistered

i can't wait to see steve presenting the new iphone! maybe the latest in september! i am damn curious what features and specs it brings... it needs to be a real competition for SGS II ... i am an android fan .. aka fandroid :) but i always like how steve is presenting his products

2. iosmaster

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6. sslukovenkov

Posts: 3; Member since: Jul 22, 2011

Hey Juanalaputa, Good job on that Fat retard - I bet he even does not know where is Mexico. Before even they cut him in pieces he will die from diarrhea. I guess, it's hard to be so dumb. He must be smoking too much crack in his basement.

9. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

the tragedy on Mexico is no laughing matter... is true that people die in the most horrifying way u can imagine... dont wish that to anyone.. i dont care who you are.. on other note.... Apple regardless of their methods is a solid company that is going nowhere.. there iproducts is gaining momentum each year.. I expect to break record sales for the next iphone..... if Android is going to become better.. they need ....the iphone... take care people

7. CDMA? unregistered

Isn't China largely CDMA? Makes me wonder if the rumors of Sprint getting the next iPhone also are true ... If the next iPhone, for CDMA, does not have LTE, they should at least throw SVDO on it (simultaneous voice and data).

13. Anthony unregistered

Haha jhonny keep on f**king dreaming I dnt live in Mexico I live in Miami but yea I'm pretty sure u wont last 1 day in Mexico. Keep on dreamingz lolz

17. NeXoS

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Those Chinese love to show off and this will be a great show off device for them. Ironic though, because their own factory workers cannot even afford one.

19. sslukovenkov

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Sorry I am out of iPhone subject - I am shocked by reading "supremacy trash" not just in that post but even in general. I live in US for 15 years, came from old Europe, same Europe your grandparents (Jhonny and LOL) came from home. While ago I was very impressed with hospitality and friendship of real Americans, not that supreme garbage I see these days. This is phone arena forum, not immigration. If you have mental problem with race and nationalities - just go there. No need to exercise your sick ideas in this forum. Doing that just keep in mind that US is a country of immigrants, Mexicans, Irish, Italians, who brought to this country their best but not worst.

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